What would your life look like if you could master your greatest superpower- MINDSET. 

Through this interactive and engaging course, you'll learn to:

  • Harness the positive impact of gratitude in your daily life.
  • Master practical strategies such as gratitude journaling and mindful reflection.
  • Incorporate powerful affirmations like "I appreciate you" into your daily conversations.
  • Develop a sustainable habit of recognizing and celebrating the good in every day, even on the tough ones.

Whether it's through writing heartfelt notes to those around you or starting your day with a moment of thanks, you'll find ways to cultivate a positive energy mindset that resonates with good vibes. As you progress, you'll see gratitude not just as an act, but as an ongoing practice that shapes your outlook and interactions.

"Gratitude is Your Superpower" isn't just a course; it's a life-altering experience that equips you with the tools for a happier, more fulfilling life. 

By the end of this course, gratitude won't just be a habit; it will be your superpower.


Gratitude is the ultimate magnet to attract what you want most. Infuse your personal and professional life with a positive mindset and watch as you transform.


Gratitude is Your Superpower

A three module online course to help you learn how to use gratitude as a habit to feel healthier and happier.


By the end of the course you will

have developed a deep understanding of gratitude's profound influence on your life. You'll possess a toolkit of strategies to nurture a mindset of appreciation and carry a habit of daily gratitude.

You will:

  • Be able to identify and appreciate the often overlooked moments of joy in your life.
  • Have established a regular practice of gratitude journaling that centers your thoughts and actions around positivity.
  • Know how to leverage the power of gratitude to improve your relationships both personally and professionally.

This course is designed not just to teach but to transform. You'll emerge not just with knowledge, but with a renewed perspective on what matters most.


What you'll receive


 1 year of access to the online course, take it at your own pace and start TODAY.


3 modules taught by author and mindset coach, Kristine Newell via video


Guided prompts and worksheets to facilitate your daily practice of gratitude


Proven, easy methods to use gratitude daily


Learn the science behind the benefits of gratitude


 A BONUS gratitude meditation and audio track from "The Habit of Grateful."

Program Investment


One Time Payment


  • Access to the online course, Gratitude is Your Superpower for one year from purchase
  • Complete at your own pace, this online course is available 24/7
  • Taught and designed by author and mindset coach, Kristine Newell
  • Bonus offerings, including a guided meditation and audio track to The Habit of Grateful
  • Each module teaches easy proven methods with video, handouts, full transcripts and more!
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Nice to meet you!

I'm Kristine Newell and I will be your tour guide during this journey



Kristine Newell is an author, professional speaker and mindset coach. 

Her professional path took a turn when she noticed the profound effects that gratitude had in her own life and the lives of those around her. This epiphany led her to focus on exploring positive mindset in high performers and the impact of daily gratitude as a habit. 

Kristine is known for her dynamic teaching style, which is both educational and engaging. She is the author of the book "The Habit of Grateful," which has been embraced by readers seeking to incorporate gratitude into their daily routines. Her expertise in gratitude practice is not only theoretical but also deeply personal and enriched with continuous learning and application.


Beyond teaching, Kristine is a life long learner, always on the lookout for new insights and discoveries. She is a mom of four and enjoys reading, catching a sunset at the beach, and spending time with her two rescue pups and family. 

Don’t just pass through life—THRIVE.

By the end of this course, you will not just understand gratitude intellectually; you will live it. You’ll have the tools to turn gratitude into a daily practice, navigate life’s challenges with resilience, and foster positive relationships.