Part survival guide and part love story-- this book will have you crying, laughing, and cheering for the warrior in all of us that says, keep going. 


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I noticed when I consciously practiced gratitude, my entire universe shifted.

"The Habit of Grateful is a game changer...and a life changer.

Buckle your seat belt because you’re going to learn some things that, while perhaps a bit counterintuitive, will help you to become the person you know you were meant to be."

- Bob Burg, Co-author of The Go-Giver Series


Praise for The Habit of Grateful



The Habit of Grateful is full of both heart and science. Kristine leads you through her story with vulnerability and writing that will keep you hooked. She explains how the practice of gratitude is backed with science and provides, in essence, a manual to start or continue with commitment. If you are interested in a practice of gratitude or leveling up what you already do, I highly recommend The Habit of Grateful. - Kate Brennan


The Habit of Grateful is much more than a “handbook for gratitude.” It is the brutally honest and inspiring story of the author and how her commitment to replacing fear with Gratitude transformed her life. It is reads like a novel and you want want to put it down. Her own journey is filled with powerful examples of the transformational power that being grateful yields in all areas of life. I am grateful that this book came into my life when it did. I hope you love it as much as I do!  - Tara Klein


Gratitude as a concept permeates so much of the culture now. The trouble is that it simply remains a message rather than actionable wisdom. This wonderful book completes the circuit - through powerful and vulnerable story telling, Kristine Newell weaves in lessons and methods that are doable right now for a better life experience. I know this is a book I will come back to again and again as I refine and grow my gratitude habit!  - Grant Muller


Kristine Newell’s book, The Habit of Grateful was exactly what I needed. Her personal storytelling weaved through the practical advice on how to make gratitude a way of life is absolutely genius! I was immediately immersed in her story and was blown away how her mindset shift opened up so many doors and changed the trajectory of her life. And I can see how the habit of grateful can do the same thing for me! A must-read for anyone wanting to add more joy into their life! Oh, and don’t forget the butter 😉. - Brittany


It reads like a....
Love Story.
Text Book.
High performance manual.
Life guide.

Put this book at the top of your reading list queue and order it now. When it arrives, schedule an evening in front of the fire, grab a glass of wine and be prepared to be inspired by a true success story.  - Jim Miller


You'll be inspired when you take this journey with Kristine Newell! You'll cheer through her triumphs and wish you could hug her through the tough times. Ms. Newell reminds us to find the grateful in the little places. Making people's lives brighter by a simple "I appreciate you!" will also enhance your own life 10 fold, per Kristine's real-life accounts of this! A wonderful read and a road map to happiness. It's truly changing my life! Get this book and get exhilarated to find your gratitude!  - Gina C


One of the appeals of this book is that it is not only a practical guide with exercises and tools to implement, it also has statistics and studies notated and at the same time it connects readers on a relational level with the personal experience and the author’s background story making it relatable. Well worth the read as the pages hold the key to a simple and yet life changing habit of grateful!  - Gavin


Developing a habit of grateful is a life changer. Kristine’s storytelling is magnetic and puts you right there with often heart wrenching moments of vulnerability and openness, sharing her life’s ups and downs, and how gratitude showed up and changed everything. I am grateful she wrote it, and grateful I have eyes to read it. A must read.  - John Arms


This book takes you through a journey that we all could relate to. It shows you how easily you can shift your perspective on life into a positive mindset just by Gratitude. This simple shift in being grateful can change all areas of your life. I will buy several books for friends I want to share this with. Thank you Kristine for taking the time to write this book.  - Pennie Lynn Hathcock

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