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I have been in your shoes and know what it's like to want to work smarter, not harder. 


You shouldn't have to walk the road alone. Having an experienced coach and guide is an invaluable resource. Together we can work on any aspect of your business. Things like lead generation, a consistent pipeline, how to manage a team & overall leadership, becoming laser focused, and creating goals that stick. 
With over 22 years of real estate experience in multiple states, running large teams, opening new offices and over 12 years in executive leadership working for real estate luxury brokerage-- I have seen it all and can help you level up to new heights. 

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Kristine is a well known leader in luxury real estate

"Kristine has a deep understanding of personalities and can bring out the best in anyone. She understands firsthand the process of building a successful life and career. I would highly recommend her work to anyone."

-Virginia Doetsch, Brokerage Manager, Julia B Fee Sotheby's

"Kristine is one of the best executives I have had the privilege of working with in my 30+ years in the business. She is always upbeat and motivated, and also kind and caring. Super knowledgeable."

-Doug Swain, Brokerage manager Premier Sotheby's International Realty

"I have had the honor of working with Kristine in a variety of different professional capacities for many years. She also embodies a rare combination of warmth and authenticity."

--Lisa Piccardo, Vice President, Brokerage and Team Consulting,T360


Author, Coach, Mom to 4, and Real Estate Industry Expert for 22+ Years

Kristine started her career in television as an editor for a CBS affiliate in Connecticut where she worked alongside some of the best in the business, including Gayle King and Dennis House. After leading a neighborhood campaign to get access to safe drinking water, Kristine was urged into real estate by a longtime broker.
Using her background in video and marketing, Kristine became a top sales agent and eventually took a role in leadership. She skyrocketed, leading offices in Connecticut and Massachusetts to number one market share, high productivity, and top national rankings. After a 20 year career in New England, she took the role of SVP for a prestigious firm in Florida and North Carolina attaining over 10 Billion dollars in annual sales volume and smashing previous sales records.
Over the past 22 years, Kristine has worked side by side with top real estate brokers in the world, from LA to NYC & beyond. Intrigued, she studied what it takes to be a high achiever making 7+ figures while still having a work/life balance. This led her to develop key strategies in mindset, high performance and positive energy.
After becoming a Certified Go-Giver Speaker and Coach with her mentor, Bob Burg, Kristine decided to document her studies on gratitude and mindset in her book, The Habit of Grateful, which was published by New Degree Press in 2023. After an outpouring of support, Kristine made the decision to leave corporate life to focus on writing and speaking full time and launched her company in 2024.
Kristine now coaches others on how to incorporate The Habit of Grateful with easy tools and habits that can alter your mindset and help you maximize your potential.